Cloud Based Email Security

Email security is very important for keeping a company’s sensitive information safe and for keeping the business running smoothly.

As cyber attacks on email systems become more common, companies must take action and add extra security on top of their email platforms such as Microsoft 365 (M365) or Gmail.


One big advantage is that it helps protect against phishing attacks. Phishing is when cybercriminals trick people into giving away sensitive information. Email security can stop these attacks by checking emails and finding suspicious links or patterns. This can stop employees from falling for phishing scams and stop data breaches and other security problems.

Another advantage is that email security can protect against malware. Malware is bad software that can damage or disrupt computer systems. Systems can scan emails for malware and stop it from being delivered to the recipient, protecting the company’s network and infrastructure.

Email security can also help prevent data breaches. Data breaches can cause big problems for a company such as financial losses, damage to the company’s reputation, and legal issues. Email security can encrypt sensitive information and control who has access to it, reducing the risk of a data breach.

Finally, email security can help with compliance. Companies have to follow certain rules for protecting sensitive information. Email security can provide extra security features to help companies follow these rules and avoid penalties.

In conclusion, companies must use email security on top of M365 or Gmail to protect against cyber attacks, prevent data breaches, and follow the rules. As cyber attacks on email systems become more common, companies must take action to keep their sensitive information safe, their business running smoothly, and avoid problems.


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