Third-Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management (Black Kite)

Third-party risk management is a crucial aspect of any business’s overall security strategy. Implementing a robust third-party risk management program can help organisations better identify and mitigate potential risks associated with working with external vendors and partners.

In New Zealand, several well-known organizations have been compromised by third parties in recent years, highlighting the importance of third-party risk management for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Black Kite’s platform uses automated and manual assessments to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, providing detailed remediation recommendations for organizations to improve their security posture. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes looking for a comprehensive and effective third-party risk management platform.

Moreover, Black Kite’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for organizations to navigate and understand their security posture, while its customizable pricing model allows them to pay only for the features and capabilities they need.

With CyberGrape as your partner, you can rest assured that you will have the support you need to effectively manage your third-party risks across multiple geographies. CyberGrape’s exceptional customer service ensures that you have access to accurate and actionable information to make informed decisions 


CyberGrape is the Only licensed Black Kite Partner in New Zealand

Technical Cyber Rating


Black Kite Technical Rating provides easy-to-understand letter grades and defensible data details behind 20 risk categories. The non-intrusive report passively evaluates third parties, and does not touch an organization’s systems or network assets.


Black Kite follows and applies commonly-used frameworks developed by the MITRE Corporation for scoring software weaknesses in a consistent, flexible, and transparent manner, converting highly technical terms into simple letter grades.


Black Kite provides a graphical distribution in the form of a heat map to determine the status and severity of each finding. Our platform leverages MITRE and NIST to further confirm the criticality of each threat.


The total score is a weighted average of 20 category components, providing unmatched breadth and insight into detected vulnerabilities.

Benefits Solutions

Receive simple, outlined steps

Multiple formats available for download
(PDF, Excel, etc.)

Prioritize tasks based on critically

In summary, Black Kite and CyberGrape are the ideal solutions for organisations looking for a comprehensive and effective third-party risk management platform, With our in-depth analysis, user-friendly interface of Black Kite, customisable pricing model, and exceptional customer service, we are the best choice for protecting your organisation’s assets and managing your third-party risks.

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