Qualys Vulnerability

How Does a Vulnerability Management Program Protect Your Business?

The purpose of a vulnerability management program is to keep your network safe from known exploitations and ensure it stays compliant with any regulatory requirements.

It does this by analysing your network for any incompatibilities, missed updates and common weaknesses within the software you use.

It then prioritizes any vulnerabilities for remediation.

Qualys VMDR

A vulnerability management program protects your business network from being breached through well-known vulnerabilities, making it much harder for cybercriminals to target your company. It can also help protect your business from any penalties associated with regulatory noncompliance, saving you money and your company’s reputation.

Vulnerability Management Life Cycle

CyberGrape Vulnerability Management services are based on the Qualys Cloud Platform, combined with its powerful lightweight Cloud Agents, Virtual Scanners, and Network Analysis (passive scanning) capabilities bring together all four key elements of an effective vulnerability management program into a single app unified by powerful out-of-the-box orchestration workflows.

Qualys VMDR® enables organizations to automatically discover every asset in their environment, including unmanaged assets appearing on the network, inventory all hardware and software, and classify and tag critical assets.

All our technical staff are Qualys Certified, and have years experience managing clients of just a few servers to enterprise level.

Cybergrape's Vulnerability Management Programme