Proofpoint Human Centric Email Security

Proofpoint Essentials – Threat Protection is a cloud-based easy to manage security bundle for SMBs that combines Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Package and Proofpoint Essentials Security Awareness, for effective protection against the threats that target both their systems and people.

Built on the world’s most advanced threat intelligence platform, this affordable annual bundle helps SMBs with 250 to 500 users, to effectively prevent and defend against today’s biggest threats.

Sold as an annual cost-effective package and powered by enterprise-class threat detection and intelligence, it stops threats like phishing, ransomware, and email fraud. 
The Essentials Email Security Advanced Package offers 360-degree security and protects both your inbound and outbound emails:
Proofpoint Essentials–Security Awareness helps SMBs deliver the right training to the right people at the right time. It turns your end users into a strong last line of defense against cyber attacks.

Key Features

Adopting a People Centric Security Approach:

Proofpoint provides solutions that can help your organization in the journey to develop greater people-centric security capabilities

Protect Your People from the Threats that Target Them

Solve threats that cover the entire human attack surface, from detection to response. Gain visibility into who is being attacked, how they are being attacked, and whether they are compromised. Protect against attacks in all people-centric threat vectors, including external email, internal email, personal webmail and cloud accounts. Consider protection for your broader business ecosystem and ensure that the people you do business with are not putting your organization at risk.

Help Your People Be Resilient Against Today’s Advanced Threats:

Train users to be your last line of defense. Understand who clicks on phishing attacks and equip them to recognize and report those attacks. Educate users on best practices to keep their identities, credentials and data secure

Protect the Data that Users Create and Access

Protect your VAPs through integrated, isolative and adaptive controls. Secure sensitive data across the digital channels where your people work, including email and the cloud. Make the most of existing investments and extend people-centric security to solve for compromised accounts in cloud apps, including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite and others.

Quantify Risk with the Proofpoint Attack Index

One metric you can use to quantify people-centric risk is with the Proofpoint Attack Index. Proofpoint created and implemented the Attack Index to identify targeted people and surface interesting threats from the noise of everyday threat activity. The Attack Index is a weighted composite score of all threats a person receives, based on four key factors:• Volume of attacks: sheer number of threats• Type of attack: for example, credential phish is less risky than remote access Trojans• Targeting of attack: if threats are seen globally, by region, by industry, or by organization• Actor sophistication: if threats are attributed to a known, sophisticated threat actorWith the Attack Index, you can assess and report on the individual and overall risk your people face and then prioritize the most effective way to resolve threats.

Assess Your Human Attack Surface

Proofpoint can help you manage your security risk by focusing on threats that target and exploit people. This starts with identifying your Very Attacked People (VAPs). Proofpoint is strategically positioned to do this and provide you with insight into:• How your people work in high-risk ways: whether, intentional or not, they have a history of clicking on malicious links or attachments or interacting with vulnerable apps• How your people are targeted by threats: whether they receive highly targeted, very sophisticated, or high volumes of attacks• How your people access valuable data: whether they access or manage sensitive systems or data, they might be at higher risk of data misuse, loss, or leakage through business-critical systems or third-party apps

ProofPoint Essentials Bundle Overview