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Cybergrape Dedicated
SaaS Data Protection

Partnered with the market leader in cloud backup and recovery, Keepit, CyberGrape provides companies with dedicated cloud data protection. The world’s only independent, vendor-neutral cloud dedicated to SaaS, data protection. We ensure continuous data availability and compliance for our clients, and the platform is acknowledged by leading analysts and trusted by thousands of companies worldwide to protect and manage their cloud data.

Many people still assume SaaS vendors backup their cloud data, but they don’t. Companies need to ensure their data is properly backed up, by adding another layer of data security using a 3rd party dedicated solution. That’s why companies turn to us the world’s only independent backup and recovery cloud, to prevent risks of data loss and ransomware.

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Our Services:
The Simplest Way to Secure Your SaaS Data

We provide backup and recovery for all your key SaaS workloads in one single vendor- neutral platform. Covering Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Azure Active Directory, and Google Workspace, CyberGrape cloud backup is the best choice for SaaS data protection. Here’s why:

Data Availability

Never lose access to your data. With our solution, data is stored in an off-site vendor neutral cloud instead of public platforms like AWS, making Keepit a true third-party backup.

Cost Effective

Stay in control with enterprise scalability. Flat fee per user including unlimited data storage and retention. No hidden costs.

Simplicity First

Get up and running in minutes. The simple interface requires no training, and you can integrate your systems with our API-First architecture.

Instant Recovery

Restore your data in seconds with our unique search and restore features, based on ultra-fast indexing and reindexing algorithms.

Always Secure

Know your data is safe. Our solution uses blockchain-based storage and file system to ensure unparalleled security and ransomware protection – data is immutable and undeletable.