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All your Third-party vendor and supply chain risks detailed in a single place.

Technical Cyber Rating

The Black Kite Solution provides a technical cyber rating following and applying commonly-used frameworks developed by the MITRE Corporation for scoring software weaknesses in a consistent, flexible, and transparent manner, converting highly technical terms into simple letter grades.





While other security ratings service (SRS) providers try to narrow the scope, Black Kite provides the only standards-based cyber risk assessments that analyse your supply chain’s cybersecurity posture from three critical dimensions together: technical, financial, and compliance. 

Black Kite’s platform holds over 25 million lines of global cyber data and utilizes 1,000+ open-source intelligence resources to provide powerful insights. Competitors utilise proprietary methodology, however Black Kite's platform is based on globally-recognized standards so CyberGrape can provide you, our clients, with actionable information from trusted sources.

Probable Financial Impact Rating

A Company’s vendors have different levels of importance. A vendor that does not have access to any systems or confidential data will have lower risk than that of a vendor offering CRM services. The FAIR model allows us to give a vendor business impact (Loss Magnitude) in risk calculation. Thus, we calculate the risk not only from the technical side but also from the financial perspective.


Compliance Correlation

Based on Industry standards, Strict adherence to cybersecurity compliance requirements reduces the risk of a data breach and the associated response and recovery costs, as well as the less-quantifiable costs of a breach such as reputation damage, business interruption, and loss of business. Black Kite allows you to measure the compliance level of any company for different regulations and standards, including NIST 800-53, ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, Shared Assessments, and others.


Ready to save time and money on Third Party Risk Management ?


Our Live demo of the Black Kite platform will show you:


  • How a cyber risk assessment of any of your third parties can be achieved within minutes and how the findings can be prioritised

  • What the Quantitive Financial Risk a third party could pose to your organisation

  • How your third parties cyber security posture correlates to industry standards and frameworks

  • What data breach intelligence is on the internet and darkweb

  • How ransomware susceptibility indicators exist

  • Aggregation dashboards across all vendors providing a holitic view of your third party cyber security risks