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Third-Party Cyber Risk Management

CyberGrape's Third Party Risk Management service is based on the Black Kite platform. As one of the most comprehensive services in its class, this easy to access SaaS system is standards based and automates adherence to cyber security compliance requirements as well as helping reduce the risk of a breech with a ‘defence in depth’ approach. 

We provide an aggregated view across all your vendors and display your organisation’s possible cyber risk exposure, allowing you to act quickly and mitigate and avoid compromise. Using the same open-source intelligence tools and techniques hackers use, such as data collectors, crawlers, honeypots etc. to continuously collect information from internet-wide scanner databases, reputation sites, cyber events, hacker shares, and known vulnerability databases. 

What's more, we'll manage it for you! 

Our managed service includes setup and configuration, automated report scheduling and we'll contact you if anything suspicious happens to your vendor or third party's cyber security posture. 

Our service is budget friendly, with just the cost of licenses and a flat fee of NZD $199 per month - regardless of how many vendors you wish to monitor.

More details around what our Third Party Risk solution involves can be found Third-Party Cyber Risk Page

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