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Cyber Threat Susceptibility Assessment

A cyber threat susceptibility assessment is something every business should do.

Our pragmatic 3 step assessment will help you understand where your business may have weak controls or being targeted by malicious actors, and we will provide a strategy on what remediation may need to be prioritised first.

Aligned to CERTNZ’s recommendations, we can guide you while you strengthen your business' security controls and help prevent potential cyber incidents.


Identify threats and vulnerabilities

Work out who may want to access your systems and data, and how vulnerable or exposed you are.

  • We conduct an non-intrusive scan of your organisation and collect data from over a 1000+ open-source intelligence repositories. We also scan hacker forums and darkweb sites and look for any suspicious mentions of your company’s domain.
  • We eliminate false positives and apply the findings against Industry standards and frameworks to give a security score.
  • We assess the security of your DNS, email system controls, your websites, network security and 15 other technical categories.
  • We will then look for common indicators and provide a ransomware susceptibility index based on the information found.


Determine the risks


When you’ve identified the threats & Vulnerabilities, determine the risk each one presents

  • We provide a graphical distribution (heat map) to determine the status of each of the findings from step 1. Based on MITRE and NIST frameworks, we can confirm the criticality of each threat discovered.
  • We will create a security frameworks compliance report, showing where our findings map against 14 specific security standards (eg. NIST, ISO, PCI etc). Note: These are for information purposes only and purely based on what can be determined externally to your IT environment)


Implement Security Controls

Define controls that will help prevent, or mitigate your business cyber threats

  • We generate a full internal stakeholder technical report, with granular details on all findings, reference to the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) as well as recommendations on how to mitigate them.
  • We then provide a ‘board ready’ strategy summary report providing current state security posture, high level steps required for mitigation as well as a ‘to-be’ expected security posture rating.

Ransomware Susceptibility

We identify common indicators and provide a ransomware susceptibility index based on the information found.

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